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What is OddsMonkey?

If you aren’t familiar with OddsMonkey and matched betting then you need to give this trial your full attention! OddsMonkey are a matched betting service that teaches you how to make a second income from your bookmaker accounts.

The main principle to matched betting is to lay all your bets off at a betting exchange to make them risk free, or as close to risk free as you can get. After your bets have finished you will have either won at the bookie or won at the exchange, as long as you do it right you can’t lose. The whole point of doing this is to unlock free bets and bonuses from bookmakers with little to no risk. Once we get the bonus we can use that to either have a punt or lock in a profit. I recommend locking in and that is what OddsMonkey will teach you to do.

There are so many different types of bookie offers around that it can be overwhelming to try and stay on top of them all on your own. OddsMonkey posts all the offers that are available every single day along with full instructions of what you have to do to lock in a profit or get a low risk shot at a big win.


OddsMonkey has a full range of guides to all the bookmaker sign up offers and then the ongoing offers that bookies are offering us everyday. I would start working my way through all the sign ups if you are new. Once you have those complete you will have locked in around £800 profit! Plus that will get you all your accounts open and ready to move onto the reload offers.

After the sign ups are done you can login to OddsMonkey every day and check the daily offer calendar. Here you will fidn all the offers available for that day along with how much you can potentially make on each one. Clicking into the offer provides you with full instructions, links to the offer and links to the OddsMonkey community where it is being discussed.

There are also guides on all the tools they have to make everything as easy as possible.



There are a huge range of tools here. Some are designed specifically for certain offers like the extra place matcher or the racing matcher. The main tools you will be using though are the Oddsmatcher and the community forum.

The oddsmatcher is where you will find all your bets. In order for matched betting to work we need to find bets that have similar odds at the bookies and at the exchange. This can be a hugely time consuming process without an oddsmatching tool. However with the tool it takes just seconds to find a bet. You can then click a link to go direct to the bookmaker and place your bet. Then return to the oddsmatcher and lay the bet at the exchange with one click. We can do this as OddsMonkey’s software allows us to login to our exchange accounts at Betfair and Smakets and place bets with one click. This is such a huge time save and means you will never miss out on great odds ever again.


When you first start learning about matched betting it can be overwhelming and many people will be put off thinking it is too complicated and not for them. Trust me when I say anyone can learn this, it’s actually really simple and once you have done one matched betting offer you will fully understand what the process is and how it can earn you money. However we all need help and that is where the excellent OddsMonkey staff come in. You can ask them any questions you want about matched betting and get an answer back from them really quickly. You can either send them an email or ask on the forum. Both methods will get you an answer within a few minutes. Support hours are 9am-9pm every day.


With OddsMonkey you get free 1 to 1 training when you join. No other matched betting site offers this. You can sit down and talk one to one with a member of OddsMonkey’s staff and have them walk you through the process and personally answer any questions or queries you may have.


Inside the premium area is a huge community of like minded people all doing the same offers. That gives you a huge advantage at getting the most our of every offer. The community are really helpful and you will learn a lot by getting involved and reading the threads on the different offers. There’s also off topic chat and it’s just a great community to be part of.

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