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Treble Calculator
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What is a treble bet?

A treble bet is a bet consisting of 3 selections. All three selections must win for the bet to be successful. Treble bets are popular because they offer much larger returns, however the risk is increased because all 3 selections must win.

An example of a treble bet is as follows:

Market Selection Odds Fractional Odds Decimal 
Arsenal vs Norwich Arsenal to win 2/1 3.0
Manchester City vs Stoke Manchester City to win 2/1 3.0
Liverpool vs Tottenham Liverpool to win 3/1 4.0

We can work out the odds by multiplying the decimal odds together. 3 x 3 x 4 = 36

So this bet would give odds of 35/1 meaning a £1 bet would return £35 profit. If we had placed each of these bets as singles our total profit would only have been £7. This is why treble bets are so popular, we can take 3 relatively low odds bets and make them into a much larger odds bet. Of course all our selections have to win and we will get nothing back unless they do so.