The Football Index is an online stock market based around professional footballers. We can buy and sell shares in them to make a profit or a loss based on the moving share prices. The share price is affected by their media coverage and performance on the pitch. It’s a lot of fun a good way to invest some spare money if you know your football.

Right now The Football Index are offering up £500 Money Back Guarantee on trading for 7 days. That means we can sign up and deposit anything up to £500 and buy up as many shares as we can. If after 7 days we have made a profit then brilliant we can withdraw and enjoy the winnings. If however you have made a loss you can simply email the support staff at The Football Index and they will put your balance back to what it started at and you can withdraw. This means the offer is a completely risk free shot at making some money.

How to complete the offer.

First thing we need to do is sign up.




To take part in the£500 Money Back Guarantee offer we must deposit between £50 and £500.

Don’t deposit anymore than £500 if you want to keep the offer risk free as it won’t be covered by the refund.

The more you can deposit the more money you can potentially make as you can buy more shares that way.

Pick your players

We recommend buying in shares in either 1 or 2 players only this gives you the best chance of making a profit. The sell price is always around 2-3% lower than the buy price meaning our player has to rise in value at least 3% for us to make a profit. Because we only have 7 days of risk free trading picking one players gives us the best chance of making a profit. If e pick more players there is a chance some could go up and the others down meaning we break even or make less money.

Pick 1 or 2 players who you think could rise in value in the next week. Remember the share price is based on media coverage so if there is a big game coming up it would be wise to pick a star player from that game.

I wish we could tell you which players to pick! Look at who has been in the news recently and think about if that story is likely to keep running over the next few days. It’s hard to make a profit in 7 days so we have to pick carefully.

Buy your shares

Now that you have picked your player(s) it’s time to buy our shares. The football index is very similar to Betfair with it’s blue and pink buttons. The blue buttons are to buy players and the pink is to sell players.

You might as well invest your full deposit to maximise your profits at this point.

You are limited to buying 100 shares in any player so in order to use up your full deposit you will need to take that into account if you want to only buy 1 ir 2 players. If you are buying 2 players then the share price of each will need to be at least £2.50. It will need to be £5 if you are just choosing one player.

The Buzz

24 hours after you have bought some shares you will be eligible for a dividend on shares. Every day a player will win the buzz award and you will be awarded 5p for every share you own in that player. There is a similar feature for performance of the day as well. If you have picked the right player and they win the buzz award every day you could potentially make a lot of money on this offer!

Sell your shares

On day 5 or 6 it is time to sell your shares. Click the pink button next to your players to sell them at the current price. We need to sell everything we have bought and see if we get more than £500 back. If you do get more back then congratulations you have made some risk free money.

If your total is less than your deposit then you need to email and ask for a refund. It is imperative you do this within the first 7 days of your account opening.

How much money can we make?

It’s really impossible to say. We only have 7 days so it’s unlikely that share prices will rise a great deal in that amount of time however with the full £500 deposit and taking into account the buzz award you could make around £100 or more from this offer. If you get lucky and pick a player who is then involved in a massive news story all week then you could make a lot more. It’s hard to say but because this is completely risk free it would be daft not to give it a go.