Every day we will be posting 1 tip for a back to lay trade, also know as a dob bet. You can read in more detail about what a dob bet is here.

We will update this post everyday with our daily tips and then summarise any profits we make at the end of each week.

Strategy: Back CHICKENFORTEA at Betfair exchange and then immediately lay the bet for double our stake at half the odds. So for a £10 back stake at 7.4 we would lay £20 for 3.8. Remember to tick keep bet so that it doesn’t cancel once the race starts.

26th July 2017 – 20:50 Leicester – CHICKENFORTEA
Has traded at 25% or below of BFSP 5 out of last 11 starts (45%)

Result: WIN! Traded into 1.35

27th July 2017 – 14:55 Worcester – CLEARLY CAPABLE 
Only proven front runner in the race and has traded 25% or less BFSP in @44% of races.

Result: WIN! Traded into 4.1

28th July 2017 – 20:30 York – YORKSHIREDEBUT
Races prominently and has traded 33% of BFSP or lower in 50% of races

Result: Non Runner

29th July 2017 – 14:25 Ascot – MASHAM STAR
Traded at 33% of BFSP or lower in 60% of runs

Result: WIN! Traded into 3.0

Week 1 Results

  • 100% Win Record!
  • 300% return on investment
  • £25 bet on each race would have returned £75 profit this week

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