Many online bookies have secret clubs that they invite only their best customers into. Getting into these clubs is shrouded in mystery for the most part but one thing you can count on is that if you want to be a member you have to bet and bet a lot. Getting into these clubs can make you huge profits and give you access to some of the most lucrative betting offers around.

Regular customers might get a bet £10 and get a £10 free bet but VIP customers might expect this to be bet£100 get a £100 free bet. If you are a matched bettor then this is worth a lot of money.

While a lot of bookmakers have these clubs only a few actually tell you what is required to get in.

Coral VIP

Getting into Coral’s VIP program is extremely difficult and isn’t something you should dive straight into. If you are matched betting you can of course lay off all your bets for small losses however going from a customer that bets £100 per month to one that bets £3000 a month is going to look a little suspect and probably get your account gubbed well before you get in.

Coral are quite happy to tell you what is required to get into their various levels of clubs. Apart from platinum which is invite only. Getting in is one thing but once you are in you have to maintain this level of betting in order to stay in. This is quite a commitment and qualifying losses even when matched betting will be high.

Matched bettors who have gained entry though have reported huge free bet offers than make the club worth a fortune to them. Some of the offers reported are:

  • Accumulator refunds up to £250 on 1 losing leg
  • Double winnings on certain events
  • Extra place races boosted to 7 places instead of the usual 5
  • £100 risk free bet on the first ITV race of the day
  • £50 free bet when you bet £100 in play on certain Premier League Football Matches
  • Beaten by a length refund £100

Getting in

As you can see from the table above we need to accumulate 1500 points in a month to get into the bronze level club. You get 2.5 points for every £10 sports bet so that means you need to place £6000 worth of bets to get in. You can expect a qualifying loss of at least £300 if you are matched betting and taking 95% matches.

Silver requires £10,000 worth of bets which would be £500 qualifying loss a month.

Gold requires £50,000 worth of bets which would be £2500 qualifying loss a month.

Even with these huge qualifying costs the benefits are reported to be huge, making membership very profitable. There are other benefits to being a member as well:

Getting into these clubs is going to take time and patience. You will have to slowly build a betting profile with Coral and gradually up your stakes and monthly spend to get in without looking suspicious. Many people that have tried to get in quickly have received an email from Coral saying they will no longer be eligible for bonuses. That would mean any qualifying spend you would have had up until that point will be for nothing.

888 Sport Premier Player

Becoming a Premier Player with 888 is considerably easier than getting into Corals programme however it is invite only and there are no set terms on how to qualify. Many customers have reported being invited after spending £300+ a week for 2-3 months.

One of the first benefits of being a Premier Player is that you will be rewarded with cash bonuses depending on how much you spend.

So you can get up to £50 cash back every week that you bet £3000 with 888. This will put a dent in your qualifying losses but isn’t going to make you any money without participating in other offers. Fortunately being a premier player gets you much more than the cash back. You will be privilege to exclusive betting offers where there is plenty of money to be made.

Some of the offers customers have received are:

  • Double goal scorer odds
  • Bet £50 in play and get a £20 free bet
  • Double odds on winning correct score bets
  • Profit boosts on some Premier League games
  • Various bet x get x offers throughout the week
  • £15 free bet if you lose more than £50 every day from Friday to Sunday

Taking part in the above offers will not only be hugely profitable but also help you along the way on qualifying for your cash reward every week.

Again I would advise slowly building your betting profile when attempting to get into this club as a manual review of your account is never a good thing.

Ladbrokes VIP

Ladbrokes VIP club is also worth getting into. Many of their £10 free bets are boosted to £100 when you are a VIP. The qualifying requirements are exactly the same as Corals.

Other bookies VIP

Skybet, Bet4causes and LeoBet all have documented VIP clubs but details on them are currently scarce. Leobet and many other casino based bookies will have VIP clubs but they are generally not worth getting into. Most casino bonuses come in the form of free spins which have huge wagering requirements making the value of the spins pretty worthless.


VIP clubs are a gold mine for matched bettors but it is very difficult to get into them. Getting your account “gubbed” is the most likely outcome. The only way to safely get into a VIP club is slowly building a profile over many months and spending a lot of money. The losses in the short term are going to be large so it is a gamble if you decide to actively pursue membership. One thing is for sure though, once you are in you have an extremely lucrative way to make money every month.