From next season the Premier League transfer window will close before the season starts. After complaints from managers that the transfer window caused unnecessary disruption to the start of the season the Premier League clubs voted and the motion was passed. The move was not unanimous and at this stage it is not clear how many clubs voted for the change but any change requires 14 of the 20 clubs to agree.

So from next season the window will close at 17:00 BST on the Thursday before the season is due to start. Clubs will still be able to sell players until the close of the normal window. The window will now close on 9 August for the 2018-19 season. This does not affect the transfer window of any clubs in other English leagues or any European leagues.

Football league clubs are likely to follow suit at a later date once they have had chance to vote on the subject.

This season has seen more disruption than usual with a number of players refusing to play for thei rclubs to try and force through a move whilst the window was open.  Alexis Sanchez, Diego Costa, Philippe Coutinho and Virgil van Dijk are just four big name players who have yet to feature this season due to on going disputes with their respective clubs about moves away.