The Each Way Catcher is an exclusive tool that is available for free right here on TrickyBet. But what is it and how do we use it to make a profit?

The Each Way catcher analyses odds from bookmakers and compares them with the odds at the exchange. It then delivers those odds to use in the Each Way Catcher and gives them a rating. If the rating is above 100 we can make a profit on that bet simply by backing and laying the bet. No matter the result we make a profit. The more you bet the more you make. It’s essentially an advanced arb bet.

When we place an each way back bet at the bookie we then have to lay the win market and the place market at the exchange. The Each Way Catcher will tell you what to lay for each part of the bet.

How does it differ from arb betting?

A standard arb is when the back odds are higher than the lay odds but with an each way arb it is the place odds that are higher. The place odds are typically 1/4 or 1/5 of the back odds at the bookie but the places odds at the exchange aren’t based on a starting price. This gives us more opportunities to find arb bets and potentially fly under the bookmakers radar for longer. Bookmakers generally aren’t fond of arbs but each way arbs are usually ignored.

What are the benefits of the Each Way Catcher?

If you have been “gubbed” at a bookie the Each Way Catcher gives you the chance to continue making money from that bookmaker. You can place simple each way bets and make a profit from them even if they no longer give you free bets and bonuses.

Extra place races are where the each way catcher starts to shine. Usually a bookie will pay 3 places for an each way bet but for 1 or 2 races a day they will offer an extra place (sometimes more). This means by backing and laying each way bets using the Catcher we have the opportunity to win at the bookie and the exchange because if you horse finishes in the extra place you will win both bets. This gives us the chance to hit some big wins for a small qualifying loss.

You can also use the each way catcher when you have a free bet. You will be able to extract far more profit out of the free bet than you would using a standard bet.

How does it Work?

  • Analyses all the odds from the bookmakers and exchanges
  • Displays the results in a table and organises them by rating
  • Does all the maths for you, simply click the calculator icon to display the odds and what you should back and lay based on your stake.
  • You can filter by bookmaker, start time and search for events.

Is the Each Way Matcher easy to use?

Yes however I would advise caution for beginners. Laying each way terms can be a bit tricky when you first start out. Get used to the methods before you jump in. You also need to be aware that non runners could perhaps scupper the bet however this can usually be avoided by picking races with plenty of runners.


  • Use on gubbed accounts so you can still make money from that bookmaker.
  • Start with small stakes until you get used to how each way betting works.
  • Use the each way matcher for qualfying bets in matched betting. This will reduce your qualifying losses.
  • Look for races that offer extra places to get the big wins
  • Sometimes it’s possible to cover the whole field in a horse race and gurantee yourself an extra place win!